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Water usage and flood risk assessments and the Water Efficiency Calculations for New Dwellings - Part G Building Regulations changed on 6th April 2010 and all new homes and conversions are now required to meet new water efficiency targets.

This means that Building Control will now be asking for calculations to show that no more than 125 litres of potable water per person, per day are used in all new houses and conversions. In practice this means that developers will now have to consider what types of taps, showers, WC's, baths and other appliances they will be fitting.

We are very experienced in potable water calculations and there are two main routes for developers to take. Firstly rainwater harvesting systems can be installed to capture rainwater and reuse it in WCs, washing machines and outside taps. These systems can have a very significant effect on reducing potable water consumptions to under the maximum 125 l/p/d. Alternatively reduced flow taps & showers, more efficient WC's, dishwashers & washing machines and sometimes smaller baths will need to be installed.

We can provide the calculations now required by Building Control as well as guidance on what types of taps, showers etc. will need to be fitted. We would recommend these are done early in the build process to ensure the proposed fittings will meet these new requirements.

We can provide reports for Water run-off and Flood risk Assessments for planning requirements and to meet the requirements for the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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