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The Code for Sustainable Homes was launched by the Government in 2007 and replaced EcoHomes as the national standard to be used in the design and construction of new homes in England. It is measure of the environmental credentials of an individual home or development.

The Code is a set of sustainable design principles covering performance in nine key areas: Energy & CO2 emissions, Water, Materials, Surface Water Run-off, Waste, Pollution, Health & Wellbeing, Management and Ecology.

The plan is to require new dwellings to meet the highest Code Level by 2016. However this is not a statutory requirement and Local Planning Authorities can decide what Code Level they require developments to reach. However, publically funded developments must meet a minimum of Code Level 3/4.

Current Building Regulations (2010) are broadly in line with Code Level 3/4 for Energy and CO2 emissions and the Water categories.

The Code involves a Design Stage Report and a Post Construction Report. The Building Research Establishment provides a final Code certificate.

Formal assessment of dwellings can only be carried out by suitably qualified, licensed and registered Code Assessors. At the Design Stage our licensed Assessor will work with the Designers and Client to determine the most cost effective and practical ways to achieve the required Code Level.

SAP Assessments and Air-Leakage Testing are required both to satisfy the requirements for Building Control and the Energy and CO2 emission sections of the Code.

The Post Construction Stage requires site visits during construction and completion of the Post Construction Review Report. This is submitted and the Final Code Certificate is issued.

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